Asif Noushad

Joining a professional course is like building a ship. It aids us in traversing through stormy waters (life) and reaching our destination. But deciding our destination and equipping ourselves with the resources for this journey is equally important to constructing the ship. Professional organizations like IEEE, IEDC, etc., aid us in finding more about ourselves and gathering the resources for this journey.

As a volunteer, it’s always about testing ourselves, finding our strengths & weaknesses, and widening our networks. Rather than the professional and educational achievements, we always valued the #joyofvolunteering while being part of this organization. The happiness of the common man when we tie up with KSEB to expedite the electrification process of their villages, the joy on the faces of students when they land their first job through the IEEE Job Fair, the joy of homemakers when we impart basic digital literacy to make their lives easier, the excitement of young children in Rosemala when they are taught the basics of computers and electronics… the list goes on!!! Professional achievements, knowledge, networks, leadership roles, careers, etc., are all byproducts of being part of such an organization… just ‘volunteer’, and everything will follow.